The First Sketch of the 2nd Inning

The First Sketch of 2nd Inning by ~msahluwalia on deviantART

08 June, 2008, Bangalore: I'm sitting in office breaking my head over some problem. I decide to leave that issue for a while and get back to it after sometime. There was a pencil in my hand. As my eyes rise from the computer screen I notice Andrea sitting on the opposite desk. Almost on impulse, I pick up a paper from the printer lying next to me and... this is what I made...

The ugliest sketch ever made by me. It is not even close to what Andrea looks like, and that is probably the reason why I'm putting it up so freely. I remember making a sketch of one of my new born cousins when I was still in school. In standard 9th, if I remember correctly. That was my first sketch of a live human and it was wonderful. It adorned the walls of my grandparents home till they sold it off. Will ask them if they still have it when I visit them next.

Though ugly, this piece got me back into sketching portraits... made just one more after that. But, much much better than this one. It is already up - Shadows in the Mirror. Will make more as and when I get 'models' for the portraits.