New year card :: Happy New Year (MA00017)

Wallpaper :: Happy New Year (MA00016)

Wallpaper :: Merry Christmas (MA00015)

Shy Girl (MA00014)

Humans are prisoners of their aspirations

Wallpaper :: Happy Diwali Revisited

I was a perfectionist. Then I realised beauty lies in imperfection.

Wallpaper :: Happy Diwali

Jaspal Bhatti - May you Rest In Laughter

I belong to times when love had a meaning

The advantage of being a photographer, I know the importance of focussing on the right things

Photograph of the day: Soft craters

Photograph of the day :: Achieving

Photograph of the day - Stoned Semi-Circle

If I am not good, does that make me bad?

Photograph of the day - Orange and Cream

Photograph of the day - Look into my eye

Maths can be used to express Love

Bring your past to yout present!

Photograph of the Day - Ganpati Bappa Morya

Wallpaper :: The Golden Girl

Photoshop SuperNotes :: The Bronze Effect

Extrovert protects Introvert

Life is a joke

An Eye

Sikhism Decoded

The test of true love (MV00001)

I'm Still Alive (MP00005)

Ganesha by Pallavi

MP00004 Flames

The Eleventh Guru (MG00002)

Wallpaper :: Bole So Nihaal

The Eleventh Guru (MG00001)

Happy Independence Day

India :: Mumbai :: Saifee Hospital

Happy Friendship Day

Wallpaper :: Dream Girl

India :: Mumbai :: Marine Drive Skyline

India :: Mumbai :: Marine Lines

Wallpaper :: The New Tricolor

Wallpaper :: I know you will call v2.0

Wallpaper :: Olympics - The best are back

Wallpaper :: I know you will call

India Raped